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CBL & Associates Stock Plunges With Report of FBI, SEC Investigation; Possible Trump VP Pick Named

Shares of CBL & Associates Properties plunged following a report it's under investigation by the FBI and SEC. Its ties to a potential Trump VP pick are also under scrutiny.
Louboutin for Your Nails

If you can't drop $1,000 on shoes, this $50 bottle of nail polish might be the next best thing
To Cut Debt, Americans Are Downsizing or Even Eliminating Summer Vacation Plans

Worried about debt, and even a recession, Americans are forgoing summer vacations.
See Every Piece in the Charlotte Tilbury Collection

Hint: It's rose gold, icon-inspired and all-around fabulous
Dollar Tree Blooms in First Quarter

Shares in the discount retailer rise after earnings beat analyst estimates and the company's own guidance.
Bubba Smith, NFL's 'Gentle Giant,' Had CTE When He Died

Before he played Moses Hightower in the Police Academy franchise, Charles "Bubba" Smith took some hard hits on the football field as a Pro Bowl player and defensive end for the Baltimore Colts, among other teams. And those hits during his 10 seasons in the league were apparently enough to...
'Carpool Karaoke' Becoming Its Own Show

"Carpool Karaoke" is going international. The popular segment and YouTube sensation from The Late Late Show in which James Corden drives celebrities around in a car fitted with cameras as they belt out tunesis being shopped around to international broadcasters as a TV show, reports Variety . A US deal...
Want to Flee Donald Trump? Try Buying Citizenship Here

Second passports aren't just for spies and criminals anymore. Civilians around the world are getting in on the global citizenship market.
University of Phoenix Says It Will Drop Arb Clauses in Enrollment Contracts

Critics express cautious optimism about restoration of the right of students to sue their schools.
Can You Actually Refinance a Student Loan? Yes, You Can

Refinancing a student loan can save you big bucks -- that is, if you know what you're doing.
How to fight the 'zombie house' next door

You won't successfully sue the vacant home's owner, but you can try these tactics.
See Elon Musk's stratospheric net worth

The entrepreneur is known for his involvement with PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors.
Biotech ETFs: Why Valeant May Cause Contagion Risk (VRX)

Learn about Valeant Pharmaceutical's scandal that caused its stock to plunge over 90%, and why biotech ETF investors should worry about the contagion risk.
Use These Tips to Crush Student Loan Debt Fast

Savvy graduates are paying off their college debt in record time. Here are the strategies that can get you out from under faster.
BMX Star Dave Mirra Had CTE

Dave Mirra, the legendary BMX star who killed himself in February, had chronic traumatic encephalopathya disease more commonly seen in football players and boxers, ESPN reports. He's believed to be the first action sports athlete to be diagnosed with it. "The key is brain injury," says the neuropathologist who...
Why Most Analysts Remain Bullish on Gold

Many analysts are bullish on gold for the foreseeable future. Here's why.
Here's How We Stop World War III

"The third world war is at our gate, and it will be about water, if we don't do something about this crisis" of dwindling global water supplies , says Rajendra Singh, last year's recipient of "the Nobel Prize for water" for his water restoration efforts in rural India, per the BBC...
Gear Up for the Great Outdoors

From hiking boots to lightweight clothing, all the gear you need to enjoy the great outdoors all summer long.
How to back out of a contract with an 'ugly house' agent

You can probably get out of this lousy real estate deal. Try one of these strategies.
Bank says, 'Psst! Want to buy a Jaguar?'

Your bank probably knows you well enough to recommend a car brand.
8 Gear Essentials for Summer Races

Gear for getting to the finish line feeling great
A tax-free way to pay IRA account fees

You won't owe taxes if you pay fees from your IRA. In fact, there may be other tax breaks.
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Deep in a Cave, Neanderthals Did Something Remarkable
For tens of thousands of years, the secrets of France's Bruniquel Cave went unknown, a rockslide having closed its mouth. That began to change in the late '80s, when the Atlantic reports a boy named Bruno Kowalsczewski started clearing away what obstructed the opening; three years later, in 1990, the... More >
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Katie Couric Accused of Deceptive Edit in Guns Film
Katie Couric is taking serious flak over the edited version of an interview with gun supporters in a documentary. In Under the Gun , Couric asks the group, “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?” As this video... More >
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