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Star Trek: Discovery: Here's a Sneak Peek at the Title Sequence

Ahead of tonight's debut of Star Trek: Discovery, the full title art sequence for the new series has been revealed.

The opening sequence highlights the Starfleet, in drawn form, along with some of the central characters, weapons, and narrative themes that will become a part of the new CBS All Access series.

Star Trek: Discovery is expected to usher in a new series of journeys and intergalactic battles for the familiar Star Trek franchise, with a story that takes place 10 years before the original series that starred William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

The new series will be set around first officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) of the Federation ship USS Shenzhou, whose connection to Spock is that she was raised by his father Sarek (James Frain). Star Trek: Discovery also stars Jason Isaacs as Captain Gabriel Lorca of the Discovery, Michelle Yeoh as Shenzhou's captain Philippa Georgiou, Doug Jones as Kelpian alien Saru, and Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz, the first openly gay couple of the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek: Discovery debuts on CBS All Access Sunday night, following the CBS broadcast of the first episode at 8:30/7:30c.

(Full disclosure: is owned by CBS.)

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Watch the NFL's Unity Ad Amid 'Take the Knee' Protest Movement

All eyes are on the NFL today, and not just because it's game day for several teams.

The league has become the epicenter of a political and social #TakeTheKnee movement after President Donald Trump criticized former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who refused to stand during the National Anthem in the 2016 season as a sign of protest against racial injustices. Trump told crowds at a Huntsville, Alabama rally on Friday, "Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, 'Get that son of a b---- off the field right now? Out. He's fired! He's fired!'"

In the wake of Trump's words, NBA star Stephen Curry declined an invitation to the White House, and Trump retaliated with a Twitter storm condemning Curry and other professional athletes for protesting the National Anthem.

Other athletic clubs and players have since reacted unfavorably to Trump's statements, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement against his remarks as well. "Divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all of our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities," Goodell said.

On Sunday, owners and players from several teams, including the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens, knelt and locked arms during the National Anthem ahead of their matchup. The Pittsburgh Steelers announced that they would remain in the locker room during the anthem to "remove ourselves from this circumstance," according to Coach Mike Tomlin.

Additionally, the league has chosen to respond to the controversy by running a one-minute ad, which was originally developed for the Super Bowl, during NBC's Sunday Night Football telecast. About the decision to run the ad, an NFL spokesman told CNN, "We think this is the single best response to demonstrate what we are about. It stands in stark contrast to some who practice the politics of division."

The ad showcases various players and team officials from several time periods showing support to one another on and off the field and declares, "Inside these lines, we don't have to come from the same place to help each other reach the same destination. Inside these lines, we may have our differences, but recognize there's more than unites us."

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The Will & Grace Theme Song with Lyrics Is the Hype Jam You Need

The original theme song for Will & Grace was an instrumental earworm in its own right, but if you've ever wondered what it might sound like with words attached, a new version might be even more exciting.

The central quartet of cast members who are returning for the series revival -- Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes -- appeared together on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and offered up a lyricized variation on the show's familiar beat.

"I'm Debra Messing, as you probably know / You might remember me from the cast of the show / Grace is a character that I play / Interior designer and Will's roommate," Messing opened before McCormack added, "I'm Eric McCormack and I play Will / The show is coming back and I'm playing him still / You can see it this fall on NBC / Remember when we used to called it 'Must-See TV'?"

The Will & Grace Revival Will Keep Politics at the Forefront

The two then introduced the chorus of the new sing-song anthem, chanting, "Get down. Will and Grace is coming to town, get down!"

Mullally then added, "I'm Megan Mullally and I don't dilly-dally / The show's back even though we had a finale / There's more fun than you could ever know / Only show on NBC not set in Chicago." (Mullally was referring, of course, to the fact that Will & Grace did have a series finale in 2006, which served as an epilogue that spanned 20 years into the future -- but showrunners will largely ignore the events and group-splitting dynamics of that ending to make room for the revival.)

Last but not least, Hayes chimed in with, "I'm Sean Hayes, I'm the one who plays Jack / It's 11 years later, I'm bringing him back / Might just be the best show in the whole universe / But it's still on NBC so we can't f***ing curse."

Will and Grace returns on Thursday, Sept. 28 at 9/8c on NBC.

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